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Transactional Analysis Cymru

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Transactional Analysis Training

Based in an intimate and bespoke centre in Pembrokeshire.
We offer professional counselling and psychotherapy training in Transactional Analysis set in an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Accredited with the UKCP.

Next TA101 31/8/24 - 1/9/24

At Transactional Analysis Cymru we are passionate about building a robust community of clinicians practicing Transactional Analysis.

We provide a unique training experience that puts engagement and the environment first. We are proud to be an intimate, bespoke training centre with a big window on the world, who will value your unique gifts.

Applications are closed for 2024-2025 four year training

Who are we?

We are a training centre committed to working with the context of the environment to provide an excellent training in Transactional Analysis psychotherapy. We are both rooted in the local geography and culture of Wales, and also connected to tutors from across the UK and Europe to bring diverse experiences to our trainees.

TA is a theory of relationship, the trainings create opportunities for meaningful and authentic relationships to develop. As a result we are committed to keeping the numbers in a training room low so as to allow each individual person to flourish and be known.

Why train with us?

We create a warm, safe and inviting atmosphere - so you can learn because you are relaxed. We teach through all the senses and through the body - so that you can become totally engaged. We invite curiosity, self- reflection and a lot of skills practice - so you will grow in confidence working with your clients.

We explore relationship through group dynamics. This means we ask you to reflect on your relationships with colleagues and trainers as part of learning - this creates a wonderful bond between trainees. We teach inside, within walls, and in nature - you will become creative and an environmentally alive practitioner.

What can we offer you?

Our intention is to enrich our trainees both personally and professionally inspiring the transactional analysts of the future. This is a truly political act - creating change both for the learner and also their future clients.

Transactional Analysis is a very effective method for working with people to resolve their problems. It has many applications; Psychotherapy, education, organisational and counselling. Our training focusses on psychotherapy, however we also provide opportunities for trainees to learn and develop in all the fields.

We welcome trainees from diverse cultural, ethnic, racial, and educational backgrounds.
Rydym yn croesawu dysgwyr o gefndir diwyllianol amrywiol, ethnig, hiliol ac addysgol.

Central to Transactional Analysis is Eric Berne's concept of the Ego States.

Berne developed this concept to explain the complex ‘voices’ that we all hear and act out.

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