Jagroop Kaur

Offering counselling and psychotherapy in clinical training at Transactional Analysis Cymru.

I am passionate about empowerment. I believe you can be the hero of your story, rather than victim or a mere by-stander. Is this a journey that you would like to go on? If so, I would like to accompany you I offer a warm, non-judgemental and empathic approach.

Having experienced different cultures and diverse background growing up, I enjoy working with clients from different walks of life, for example cultures, religions, ethnicity, sexuality…

I am fascinated by how the inner strength of human beings is reflected in our life stories – what made you who you are? What motivates you? How are your survival coping mechanisms helping you in your present life? I believe that you know your story the best and therefore, together we can co-creatively work with the meaning you are making in your life.

As we are all unique, the way I work with each client is different. Our work and its pace are best suited to your personality and current needs. We can explore whether you want to access a small number of sessions or engage in long-term psychotherapy.

The modality I use is Transactional Analysis which is a theory we can use together to make sense of you, your relationships to others and the choices you’ve made in life I offer 1:1 sessions online and face-to-face in Oxfordshire, England.

Please feel free to get in touch via email roop.therapist@gmail.com or 07576482442 to book an initial session. I can speak English, Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu fluently.

Contact: 07576482442


£30 for 50 minutes

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