Why train with us?

We are a unique training centre that puts experience, engagement and the environment first.

We create a warm, safe and inviting atmosphere - so you can learn because you are relaxed. We teach through all the senses and through the body - so that you can become totally engaged. We invite curiosity, self- reflection and a lot of skills practice - so you will grow in confidence working with your clients. We explore relationship through group dynamics. This means we ask you to reflect on your relationships with colleagues and trainers as part of learning - this creates a wonderful bond between trainees. We teach inside, within walls, and in nature - you will become creative and an environmentally alive practitioner.

We are proud that under the proposed ScopEd guidance, completion of our training will allow you to enter the profession at the highest level; this is equivalent to level 7.

Our intention is to enrich our trainees both personally and professionally inspiring the transactional analysts of the future. This is a truly political act - creating change both for the learner and also their future clients. The program incorporates the diverse landscapes around Tycanol woods to enrich the training experience. This means that our psychotherapists and counsellors develop the confidence to work competently face to face indoors, and outdoors in nature as well as online. This challenges us all to think not only of the benefits of green spaces to create healing for the human, but also invites both therapist and client to account their relationship with the planet.

We are very proud that recent training reviews highlight our ability to create meaningful contactful training experiences in all environments. We have made every effort to create a training space that is inclusive for all; ​we believe we have succeeded in this endeavour.

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We belong professionally to national and international accrediting bodies:

  • UKATA (UK Association for Transactional Analysis)

  • HIPC (Humanistic and Integrative College of psychotherapy)

  • UKCP (United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy). Please see below for an inspiring flagship statement about the philosophy of the Humanistic and Integrative College for Psychotherapy.

  • EATA (European Association for Transactional Analysis) organises the exams and maintains the standard of training from the world-wide perspective. Please see below the ethical code for EATA

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