What can we offer you?

We value your unique gifts. We support you to find your unique voice in relationship to your clients - this will give you confidence and make you a resilient and creative practitioner.
Our trainees use TA to develop their practice in body work, counselling, education, psychotherapy, dance therapy, eco therapy, working with young people and adults.

Bespoke professional counselling and psychotherapy training in an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Our intention is to enrich our trainees both personally and professionally inspiring the transactional analysts of the future. This is a truly political act - creating change both for the learner and also their future clients.

Transactional Analysis is a very effective method for working with people to resolve their problems. It has many applications; psychotherapy, education, organisational and counselling. Our training focusses on psychotherapy, however we also provide opportunities for trainees to learn and develop in all the fields.

The program incorporates the diverse landscapes around Tycanol woods to enrich the training experience. This means that our psychotherapists and counsellors develop the confidence to work competently face to face indoors, and outdoors in nature as well as online.
This challenges us all to think not only of the benefits of green spaces to create healing for the human, but also invites both therapist and client to account their relationship with the planet. We are very proud that recent training reviews highlight our ability to create meaningful contactful training experiences in all environments. We have made every effort to create a training space that is inclusive for all; ​we believe we have succeeded in this endeavour.

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Sample of four year curriculum

Year 1 - Self

  1. Introduction. Philosophy and history of TA.

  2. Classical School Structural and Functional ego states, Transactions, Games and Drama Triangle.

  3. Cathexis SchoolSymbiosis, Discounting, Passivity, Reparenting. Self-reparenting.

  4. Classical School: Theory of motivation, Strokes, Hungers, Time Structuring. Life script. Unpacking the family.

  5. Redecision SchoolImpasses, 2 chair work, Gestalt theories

  6. Theories of Cure. Autonomy or Homogeny?

  7. Relational School and Co-creative school. The beginnings of Transference

  8. Integrative School. Richard Erskine and Relational Needs.

  9. Professional Practice, Ethics, Self-reflection. Using therapy and supervision to support clinical practice.

Year 2 - Others

  1. Diagnosis and Assessment using DSMV. Who should we work with (or not)?

  2. Treatment planning. Contracting.

  3. Personality Adaptations

  4. Anxiety

  5. Depression

  6. Eating Disorders

  7. Abuse and Trauma. Poly Vagal therapy

  8. Narcissistic and Borderline presentations

  9. The therapeutic relationship, ethics, professional practice and transference.

Year 4 - Professional Practice

  1. Therapeutic Identity

  2. Working with groups

  3. Working with suicide and high risk clients

  4. TA and other fields. Working with organisations and systems.

  5. More than one in the room. Family constellations.

  6. Developing a practice outside walls

  7. Neurobiology, polyvagal therapy and how this relates to TA

  8. Co-creative weekend

  9. Rupture and shame - working with deep archaic processes in therapy and supervision.

Year 3 - Clinical Practice

  1. Adult Ego State - constructivism

  2. Working with couples (1)

  3. Child ego state deepened

  4. Dreams symbol and metaphor - working creatively and with the body.

  5. Research - writing a literary review, thinking critically

  6. Working with couples (2)

  7. Mental Health Familiarisation

  8. Addiction

  9. Menopause, being an elder, dying - a cross cultural perspective.

The tenth weekend every year invites all four training years to a celebration. This includes presentations, completion certificates and rituals to mark the end of a successful year.

Quality, not quantity

The small numbers of our training groups insures that you are always supported as an individual.

We value you.