We understand that therapy is costly, and you may need to talk to someone, but not be able to afford the prices offered by a fully qualified psychotherapist.
On this page are a list of trainees in clinical practice. Some are already qualified counsellors. They are all trained to a high standard of excellence and in regular supervision and therapy to ensure that they are practicing safely and effectively. They are insured and are members of an organisation that ensures their ethical practice.
Helen Groth
When I think of my therapy practice, I am drawn towards the word ‘Cynefin’ it is an old welsh noun originally thought to describe the habitual tracks and trails left by wild animals on the hillsides.
Rachel Knight
I provide a warm, safe and compassionate space where you can talk freely and confidentially about the difficulties you are experiencing and the issues you would like to work through with the aim of working towards resolution, healing and growth.
Abi Giles
If you have ended up on this page because you are struggling and in need of some support well done! It takes immense courage to take this step. If it is your intention to begin counselling or psychotherapy then I am here to help you on that journey.
Jagroop Kaur

I am fascinated by how the inner strength of human beings is reflected in our life stories – what made you who you are? What motivates you? How are your survival coping mechanisms helping you in your present life? I believe that you know your story the best and therefore, together we can co-creatively work with the meaning you are making in your life.

I am passionate about meeting people just as they are, offering warmth and kindness and sharing knowledge that stimulates and empowers our life force energy so that we can make conscious choices that move us out of stuck places.
Hannah Hay
Psychotherapists in training offering

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